Barangay Official logo

8 RAYS OF THE SUN - representing 8 Puroks of the Barangay

RIVER- Cataning River is located at lower portion of the Barangay and passed thru the heart of Cataning and formed portion of the barangay

RICEFIELDS, MOUNTAINS, & AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS  -symbolizing that Cataning is an agricultural Barangay with almost 70% of its land area composed of irrigated rice land and upland for vegetables and fruit-bearing products

FACTORIES & BUILDINGS – symbolizing its present and future plan for commercial & industrialization due to its strategic location along the high way and at present with RGS Iceplant, Ricemill, and Hog and Chicken Poultry Farms in operation.

HIGHWAY AND HOUSING – Roman Expressway runs across the middle part of the Barangay with future site for commercial and industrial establishments and with housing units (like Hillcrest Village, Executive Homes, Teachers Village, ABESCO Housing and Gawad Kalinga Housing projects.

THREE LEAVES & POT - representing growth and future foods supplier of the City of Balanga (Pot – symbol of Balanga City and Cataning is one of the 25 Barangays of the City)